1 Count Ammo Box Can Lock Hardware Kit .50 Cal, Fat 50, 30 Cal, 20 mm, 40 mm

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Captain Jon's Green Can Ammo Locking Hardware. Second Generation Now Stainless Steel and Easier to install. Still the Real Deal. Still High Quality. And still the Best and Easiest way out there to "Make your ammo can - Lockable and Safe. " One Piece 1/2" Solid Stainless Steel Stud and 5/16" Threads (Made in the USA) (PatPending) No thread locker compound needed. Ammo Can Waterproofing stays intact. (Thanks Bob Whitehead) The padlock stud is now a one piece design (post and thread together). Made from Solid (1/2") machined STAINLESS 303 STEEL. Made right here in the good old US of A. (Could of done it cheaper overseas but why?. The stud is secured with a nylon locknut that is Grade 8 Steel (zinc plated) thus eliminating the need for any thread locking compound. The watertight integrity of the can stays intact because we now include a Neoprene Washer that goes on the inside (or outside) . The large and small washers included are all steel and zinc plated for rust protection. The padlock stud will take up to a 1/4" lock shackle. Overkill, but once again why scrimp when security is your goal? Installation involves drilling one 11/32"or 5/16" hole, put on the neoprene washer, then the small metal washer, then the locknut and you are Done. Will work on all Ammo can lids. Slotted lids ( slotted lids require two ), Big hole lids, and Small hole lids. For the small hole lids some minor fitting may be needed. Very Minor. The stud is now a true 1/2" so any filing will be very minor as the lid hole is a 1/2" too. If you have a slotted lid or a large hole lid then NO filing/fitting will be needed. Buy these and you will not regret it. Remember - when you mean it , Green it. (tm) This product has a 100% guarantee. If for any reason it doesn't meet your expectations, return it for a full refund.