12 Volts Lead Acid Battery Desulfator Assembled Kit with Reverse POL Protection

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NOTE: not every battery can be save....you may need to do you own research. Buyer should have some electronics background.. - it can be connected full time on your car battery or any 12 volts system.
- the process can takes up to 3 weeks
- for more info you can do research on the web.
INPUT VOLTAGE 12Vdc OUTPUT VOLTAGE 30V (pk-pk) RATED CURRENT 40mA Average nominal 12Vdc input. FREQUENCY RANGE 1.50 KHz.
"This device has two leads, one red, one blue. The battery should be connected to its charger in the usual manner. The red lead from this device should be attached to the positive charger/battery connection, and the black lead from this device should be attached to the negative charger/battery connection. This is what is called connecting the device in parallel with the charger"
1.) The desulfator should be installed as close as possible to the battery terminals. (within 14 inches, or 35 cm)
2.) You may trim the wire leads with wire cutters/strippers to work best for your application. (shorter is better)
3.) Install the Red wire to the positive (+) terminal on your 12 volt battery.
4.) Install the blue wire to the negative(-) terminal on your 12 volt battery.
5.) Verify that the LED is on, you might also be able to hear a "buzzing" noise.
6.) The best results for recovery will occur within the first 4 weeks. If left connected longer, desulfating will continue but at a slower pace.