60 Pcs Plant Support Clips,Flower and Vine Clips,Garden Tomato Plant Support

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Product Description

KINGLAKE Plant support tomato clips,Make your garden plants more healthy and beautiful.

Package:There are 30 large clips(4.5*6cm) and 30 small clips (4*3cm) .

Great for helping plants support, straighten ,securing plants to plant supports.

Commonly used to help support tomatoes,Vine Garden Vegetables to Grow Upright.

Unique Design: Heavy duty spring steel wire, weatherproof, non-rusting, long lasting and reusable

Easy to use or remove spring clips for supporting plants and seedling stems

Very easy to use.Excellent solution for tomato vines.it doesn't harm the vine.

60 Pcs( 2 sizes in one pack )smaller or larger size, depending on where it is needed on the plants.