Amazingli Golf Impact Power Smash Bag Hitting Bag Swing Training Aids Waterproof

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Product Specifications:

* Color: Black/Yellow

* Weight: 0.45kg

* Size: Diameter: 44cm, Height: 26cm

* Material: Composite material(Nylon) and waterproof

* Helps eliminate fat and thin shots and cure slices, easy-to-interpret target.

* Heavy-duty, high-impact material fills with old towels or clothes.

* Perfect safe for you and your club, ideal in combination with other trainers.

* Hitting into the Smash Bag helps eliminate fat and thin shots, cure slices.


* Filling cloth, old clothes and other soft items inside are highly recommended.

* Do not fill sand, mud, gravel and other hard objects.

* Do not use brute force when exercise to avoid damage golf power smash bag or muscle strain.

Package Includes:

1 pcs