Aquatic Bloom - Liquid Plant Fertilizer for Aquariums - 16oz Organic

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Freshwater aquarium plants need more than just CO2 and light for a lush and optimal growth. They need additional macro and micro nutrients to fully thrive in water. SunGrow Aquatic Plant Bloom Liquid Fertilizer contains over 70 macro and micro nutrients and other trace elements. Although plants are able to obtain some of these essential nutrients from the aquarium water itself, but they are still insufficient for a lush plant growth. So, here comes in the SunGrow's liquid fertilizer supplement that improves plant vigor. This pet-safe solution contributes to plants' disease-resistance. The nutrients, minerals and enzymes found in this solution are in a chelateable (immediately available to your plants) form. The chelated potassium and iron with other essential amino acids get instantly absorbed through leaves in freshwater aquarium. How do I apply the SunGrow Aquatic Bloom Plant Fertilizer?
There are a few ways to effectively apply this incredible liquid production aid. For use on the aquatic plants in your aquarium, simply add one drop per gallon of water and repeat every two weeks or monthly, depending on your specific needs.

Foliar application of the liquid fertilizer is accomplished either by adding the plant care solution directly into the soil or by spraying a mist onto the leaves and plant surfaces. The plants or seeds in the soil immediately begin to absorb the high-quality fertilizer and show benefits within days.

Is the liquid formula safe for all of my aquatic pets and plants?
The organic solution contains all natural vitamins, minerals, macro, and micronutrients that are not only safe, but also highly beneficial to both your plants and freshwater aquatic pets. The fertilizer contain nitrogen which is essential to photosynthesis, chelated iron needed to prevent yellow, decaying leaves and chelated potassium which aids in cell maintenance producing strong, hardy leaves.