ATN Power Weapon Kit 20,000mAh Battery Pack w/USB Connector, provides up to 22

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Are you looking to prolong your exertions to hunt the wild invasive pig population that is wreaking environmental havoc and spreading rapidly! Look no further, get the satisfaction of having the ability to hunt feral beasts with ATNs extended external battery for your rifle scope. This external battery has 22 hours of continuous use. Now, you will last as long as the boars are moving!

  • Power weapon kit - Provides 20,000mAh of power to operate your ATN Smart Scope, instead of basic AA batteries
  • USB to micro USB w/L shape Connector - is designed to be used with our ATN Smart Scopes
  • Water resistant rubber seal - seals the media port from environmental conditions
  • Adjustable buttstock pouch - is used as a holder and protective cover for the battery
  • 22 hours of continuous use - allows you to use all features of the device without worrying about changing batteries. Easy to recharge and can power other devices

What are you waiting for? Now hurry and grab 22 hours of non-stop hunting ability, because these nocturnal pests are not going to wait for you!