AxeRig Clip-On Chromatic Guitar Tuner for Acoustic, Bass, 6 & 12 string Guitars,

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We're so certain you'll love our Tune-It all-instrument tuner, we're giving you an unprecedented LIFETIME WARRANTY. So BUY NOW with full confidence. In fact, you should get ONE FOR EVERY GUITAR and instrument you own. Click on "ADD TO CART" at the right. One model does it all - no need to determine which one you need, because if your instrument vibrates and has a place to clip to that is 1" thick or less, you can tune it with the Tune-It from AxeRig. There's no Metronome - This thing is for TUNING and those other tuners with a metronome, have such a tiny little pulsing icon that it is impossible to see it - nearly unusable! No mic to pick up UNWANTED stray noise that confuses a tuner - it works from vibration, so you just clip it on and tune. Why is the AxeRig Tune-It the best tuner on the market? Great question! Here's exactly why. First, we bought over 40 different brands and models and tested them. We then determined the pros & cons of several features and designed all the best into our Tune-It. Here's what we used for performance criteria: 1)Speed - How fast does it find the correct note? 2)Accuracy - Does it consistently find the correct note? 3)Pitch Scale - Is it fine enough to get a stable "in-tune" reading, yet not so fine it wanders back & forth too quickly? 4)Display - Can it be seen well enough in all lighting situations? 5)Readability - How well can you see when it's in tune - even with weak eyesight? 6)Physical Adjust-ability - Can it be rotated to be seen when mounted anywhere? 7)Durability - Will it last? 8)Ease of use - Can anyone use it without the frustration of complicated settings? 9)Warranty - What is the length of warranty? Rest assured, the AxeRig Tune-It has equal or superior features and functionality in every one of the listed areas. When you get one or more of these in your home or studio, you'll be pickin' & grinnin' - from ear to ear.