BaiFM Buffing Pad Polishing Mop Wheel for Manifold/Aluminum/Stainless

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Product Details:

* 100% brand new, made with high quality.

* Material: Lint

* Size: Conical: 1.97inch (50mm); Cylindrical: 1.57inch (40 mm); Mushroom Shaped: 2.76inch (70mm); Wheel: 1.97inch (50mm).

* Handle Diameter: 1/4inch (6mm) .

* Handle Length: 1.26 inch (35mm).

* Shanks are 1/4 inch round and continue with hex shape so it does not slip on your drill.

* For final polishing of interior, flat and irregular surfaces.

* Shine your faded wheels, manifolds etc. with this Great Professional Grade Kit.

* Specially designed for polishing recessed area such as mag wheels, motorcycle wheels manifolds.

* Fabric layers edge with raising treatment, suitable for metal, jewelry, metal, stainless steel, aluminum products, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass and watches industry of surface grinding and polishing.


1. All polishing discs should be cleaned before use, smooth, to ensure that no residual in the particles.

2. After use, they should immediately be cleaned, dried in the shade.

Package Includes:

4pcs Buffing Wheel