Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

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p>People Are Going To Want To Meet Your Italian Grandmother

How else is it possible to make such delicious, homemade ravioli? What you tell them is your business, but we've got your back. The Bellemain Ravioli Maker makes creating culinary works of art simple enough for the home cook.

It's any chefs' secret weapon for perfect, restaurant-quality ravioli. The uniform size and shape means that every ravioli will cook evenly - no more batches with tough, dry undercooked raviolis bumping up against mushy, watery overcooked ones.

Excellent Craftsmanship That Lasts

Your children will be fighting over who gets the ravioli maker. With one solid-cast, ⅛" thick metal cutting frame, you never have to worry about it breaking or bending out of shape. Hand wash it to prevent discoloration.

Shhh! Here's The Secret To Never Ripping Or Tearing Your Raviolis

The other half of this dynamic duo is the hardworking plastic mold. The textured surface means that batch after batch of perfectly formed raviolis will never stick to the mold, causing you to rip or tear your pasta.

Every Edge Is Securely Sealed

The most labor-intensive part of the ravioli making process is making sure the edges are sealed. Before the Bellemain Ravioli Maker, this meant precious time wasted pinching edges by hand, or fussing around with gloopy egg washes. Now, with just a quick pass or two with the rolling pin, voila! Your ravioli are firmly sealed.

Order Your New Bellemain Ravioli Maker Today And You Can Have The Neighbors Begging To Know What's For Dinner Tomorrow Night