Blazer C6285 Low Profile Submersible Trailer Light Kit

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The Blazer C6285 low-profile submersible trailer light kit is designed to meet DOT requirements for trailers over and under 80" wide. This kit is not only ideal for boat trailers, but for any utility, camping, snowmobile and motorcycle trailers. These lights use the "Bell Jar Principle" preventing water from coming in contact with the bulb or socket. Additionally, the lenses are sonically sealed which eliminates the need for gaskets that can dry rot and leak. The stop/tail/turn lights feature universal back & side mount options and are individually replaceable with model numbers 87B and 97B. Kit includes (2) stop/tail/turn lights, a 20’ 4-way wire harness, corrosion resistant license plate bracket, mounting hardware and trilingual instructions, everything needed for easy installation. Additional side marker lights and reflectors are necessary to fulfill legal requirements.