Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g

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Blu Tack Reusable Adhesive Bostik Blu Tack is a handy putty-like reusable adhesive. Use it to stick, seal, conceal, hold, and position a variety of items. Perfect for sticky jobs around the home, office, at school and for hobby and craft work. Bostik Blu Tack is a great modelling material. Use it to mold, sculpt, and stick. Preparation Blu Tack is ideal for non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal, painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper. Ensure surface is clean, dry, free from grease and loose materials. Make sure hands are clean before handling Blu Tack. 1. Posters Cut 3cm piece, remove release paper from one side an affix to surface. Remove the release paper on one side, apply to one surface, then remove the other release paper. Using good thumb pressure, apply to the other surface. Blu Tack works because its pressure sensitive so the more even pressure you apply the better the bond. 2. Objects Make a blob by tearing off a piece, pull and stretch into a ball and apply to one surface. Removing Blu Tack Blu Tack works on walls because its pressure sensitive so its important to carefully roll it 0ff. Any remaining shreds can be removed by roll or dabbing with another blob of Blu Tack. If Blu Tack has been on a surface for sometime, dab with Citrus based stain remover to soften, then roll off carefully. Sometimes, Blu Tack can leave a faint oily mark that can be easily removed by using a citrus based stain remover. Blu Tack can be reused. Simply roll into a ball in your hand and massage to get it pliable and apply Use BluTack to.... •Tack posters, memos, signage, or notices on walls, windows, or equipment. •Tack-up cables, electric and phone cords to keep them from tangling and out of the way. •Secure display cards on counter tops. •Hold down telephones or modems on desktops and counters. •Fasten electrical outlet surge strips to the floor.