Car Headlight Restoration Tool Kit Lens Sealer Restorer Polishing System Cleaner

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Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit restores yellowed and hazy headlights to their original crystal-clear and scratch-free finish. The complete all-in-one-box solution includes everything necessary to achieve professional results, allowing consumers to repair their vehicle’s plastic lens surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit can restore up to 95% of a headlight’s original clarity and light performance, renewing a key safety feature of the vehicle.

Not only do dull headlights detract from your vehicles appearance and value, foggy headlights are also a serious safety concern. In fact, hazy plastic headlight lenses reduce visibility and create glare to oncoming traffic, putting you, your passenger and other vehicles at risk.

The included Quixx Headlight Lens Sealer offers an all-out protection for plastic headlight lenses. Its unique formula generates a hard and long lasting, weather and detergent resistant high gloss protection layer against environmental influences. The smooth dirt-repelling surface keeps the lenses cleaner longer. When applied regularly, the integrated UV Protection reduces yellowing and fogging significantly.