Chirstmas Sale -Safe Money Box Wooden Piggy Bank For Boys Girls And Adults

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Historians have found money boxes that date back to the times of Ancient Greece, indicating that mankind has been making special boxes for the safekeeping of coins for centuries. Our Handmade Wooden Piggy Bank Decoration continues this tradition and is one of our most popular handmade Indian gifts for children and adults alike.

Measuring 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 3 inches in size, the Handmade Wooden Piggy Bank Decoration can be displayed as a decoration in many different places in the home. No matter where it is placed, this beautiful handcrafted gift box will add to the decor with its handsome natural wood grain and sleek, smooth finish. For added aesthetic appeal, the handmade money box has been inlaid with brass around the coin slot at the top and along each corner. At the front, the word "BANK" has been inlaid with brass letters.

With the Handmade Wooden Piggy Bank Decoration, it is easy to add coins to save for a rainy day. The hinged design of the bank allows it to be opened quickly when you want to access the coins stored inside. The clasp on the front of the box helps to keep the lid securely closed, and it has a loop that makes it possible to slide a small lock of your choosing through the clasp to secure the box. This wooden money box is entirely handcrafted by artists in North India, making it truly unique. The Handmade Wooden Piggy Bank Decoration is a wonderful choice of gifts for a child of any age and is a very popular gift for welcoming new babies. Not only will the wooden box make a lovely decoration for a child's bedroom or nursery, but it will also help to instill the value of saving for the future in the special little one who receives it. You can even add a few coins to the bank before wrapping it up to give as a present to start the child's savings off for him or her.

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