CLEAN/DIRTY Dishwasher Magnet - Easy to Read Acrylic Indicator - Smooth Glide -

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How big is the dishwasher magnet?
The actual size of the Vila Dishwasher Magnet is 2" x 7" (5cm x 18cm); it is incredibly thin and sleek giving it a low profile that works on any dishwasher. Using laser cut technology, the position of Clean or Dirty is made quite obvious by adding a color coded background (red/stop for dirty dishes and green/go for clean dishes).

How do I change the status on the sign?
The shutter smoothly glides from one position to the other. The signage firmly stays in place and it doesn't change unless you move it. Answer the question "Are the dishes clean or dirty?" with a simple touch of a finger.

Can I use the Clean Dirty Sign on other appliances?
Yes, the durable Vila dishwasher sign can be used on any surface such as your microwave, toaster, dishwasher, refrigerator and more. It comes backed with 4 padded magnets and 3M adhesive for easy pasting on any surface. The scratch and water resistant reminder is multi-purpose and suitable for all appliances in your home or office kitchen.