COOY slingshot,wrist sling rocket Professional hunting Slingshot with Heavy Duty

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Professional Slingshot for outdoor and indoortarget shooting and fitness catapult of fowling and fishing. It also can betreasured up as a slingshot collection. Control rodents, snakes, and pests inareas where firearms are not appropriate.



High hardness alloy frame

High-speed and high-tension triple rubber bands

Ergonomic handle Grip

Adjustable Solid Steel Frame


Package included:

1. Slingshot × 1

2. Replacement Rubber bands × 2

3. Screw Key × 3

4. Steel Slingshot Ammo Balls × 1

5. hard clay balls × 1

6. Removable small flashlight combo × 1  

(No battery pack)



Keep safe. : Adult supervision required when used by children.