Dead - On Range Finder Bow Hunting Range Finder

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Bow hunting rangefinder - Mounts onto your existing bow sight pin guard. Truly a universal design. This clever archery rangefinder facilitates the tried-and-true practice of "bracketing." It works by effectively measuring the animal from belly to back. Visually align the bright fiber-optic pins at full draw, bracketing the animal, and instantly estimate the distance. Eliminates excess, unnecessary movement common when using clunky laser rangefinders. Also, it's very effective in heavy brush, which will seriously degrade the accuracy of laser rangefinder measurement. The high-visibility, fiber-optic ranging pins can be calibrated and color matched to your bow's sight pins for quick, reliable shot-distance estimation. Yellow, Red and Green pins included. You'll hardly notice this accurate Range Finder at only 1/4" w. x 2" l, and less than 1 ounce. Bow Sight in photographs not included.