Dimex Black Vinyl 16ft Heavy Duty Double Cavity Dock Edging P Profile Dock Black

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Keep your boat looking new with EasyFlex P-Profile Dock Edging. Commercial grade with a P-shape design, the double cavity with a single rib prevents the rub rail from crushing under the pressure of heavy boats. Made of recycled PVC, this 16 foot pack of black dock edging has a flat back and ledge top – fitting perfectly over the edges of horizontal installations to protect your boat from scraping sharp corners and dock edges.

Made with thoroughly pigmented plastic, there is no “skin coat” on the top surface – protecting your boat from color transfer, and keeping the rail from showing a different base color if it is scraped. To install: simply uncoil, cut to size with a hand saw, and anchor to dock or pier. For best results, space the screws 4 inches apart on the top and bottom of edging – recommended for use with EasyFlex Galvanized Deck and Dock Screws (sold separately).