EARBUDi 5 Earbud Clips | Soft Adjustable Rubber Ear Loops Compatible with Oval

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New-style, oval Apple EarPods keep popping out? Made of soft rubber, these adjustable clips hold those Apple buds securely in place while running, working out, lifting weights & more!

Fed up with earbuds that WILL NOT stay in your ears, no matter what you do? Stop jamming them in-there IS a better way, and it's called EARBUDi 5! Just attach your EarPods to each EARBUDi clip, and loop the rubber hook around the back of your ear. It's that simple! EARBUDis gently yet firmly hold your earbuds in place-so you can exercise freely without worrying about them falling out. It doesn't matter how much you sweat or move! They're great for jogging, gym classes, aerobics, sports, weightlifting, and virtually any other high-impact activity you can think of.

The EARBUDi 5 clip tilts and rotates to create a custom fit, which provides added assurance that your earbuds will stay put. And the listening experience is improved as well, since you don't need to crank up the volume or constantly reinsert your earphones.

Got EarPods sitting in your junk drawer? Give them new life with EARBUDi 5!

Compatible with Oval Apple wired EarPods: Designed to work flawlessly with the wired EarPods that come free with the latest iPod or iPhone models.

Clips directly to your earbuds
Keeps earbuds firmly in place
Great for sports & exercise
Ultra-comfortable to wear
Adjustable for an optimal fit

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