Easy to Read: Indoor Digital Thermometer and Humidity Meter. Large Digital

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• Check a room's indoor Temp and Humidity levels with this compact portable combination thermometer and humidity gauge
• Every home, office, apartment humidity level needs to be between 30-50%
• Designed for Indoor use only
• No programming required
• Celsius/ Fahrenheit switchable
• Memory function: shows Max/Min value of temperature/humidity
• LCD Display Screen
• Fold Away Back Stand for Easy Reading
• Temp Accuracy: ± 2°F (± 1°C)
• Battery: 1.5V model # LR1130 or (Duracell 389/390)

Indoor Temperature and Humidity thermometer and humidity meter.... Knowing your home's humidity level is essential to improving indoor air quality and the overall health and comfort of you and your home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests maintaining The acceptable range of humidity for a healthy home is 30-50%.

During WINTER:

You need to keep the humidity above 30 % when the heat is on, the relative humidity in your house can become very low. This is because heated air can hold much more moisture than cold air. So, as the air in your home heats up, it becomes "thirsty" and begins sucking moisture out of surrounding surfaces: plants, walls, furniture, everything. Whenever we heat air we dry out the air to uncomfortable. By keeping the humidity above 30%, you can normally turn down your thermostat a few notches.

During SUMMER:

You need to keep the humidity level below 50 % when the relative humidity goes above 55 % Dust mites, begin rapidly multiplying. This can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Make sure to remember that the humidity levels of your house need to be within the 30-50% our temperature thermometer and humidly sensor will quickly let you know if you need to buy a humidifier and or dehumidifier

Simple temperature & relative humidity monitor