Elmer’s Rainbow Slime Starter Kit with Green, Blue and Red Glitter Glue, 6

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Brighten up your day by making sparkly Rainbow slime with safe, nontoxic and washable elmer’s glitter glue. Packed with three bottles of dazzling glitter glue, the elmer’s Rainbow slime starter pack invites you to experience the joy of creating brilliant, one-of-a-kind slime! just add a few common household ingredients (such as contact lens solution and baking soda) for irresistibly goopy glue slime in a beautiful array of colors. More than a smooth, glittery slime base, elmer’s glitter glue also adds a sparkly pop to art projects and features a reliable, no-run formula. Perfect for parties and the classroom, the elmer’s Rainbow slime starter pack helps everyone experience beautifully colorful fun.