Evapo-Rust GEL Rust Remover Removes Rust and Rust Stains from Most Surfaces, 8oz

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Evapo-Rust Gel combines the rust removing power of Evapo-Rust with the ability to cling to vertical, rusted surfaces. Simply brush on and allow an hour to work, then rinse away the rust with water. Also, it is safer than other gelled rust removers. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, odorless, and safe on skin. Evapo-Rust gel not harm copper, brass, or aluminum. Just 8oz of the gel formula makes cleaning antiques, tools, auto parts, and hardware easy and convenient! Evapo-Rust is safer and more efficient than vinegar, lemon, or chemical solutions, and washes off with just water. The gel is particularly convenient for cleaning hard-to-reach auto parts, bicycle wheels, small hardware parts, and antique furniture. Evapo-Rust works on most surfaces; including steel, copper, metal, and brass. Evapo-Rust removes even heavy rust completely, is non-toxic, non-corrosive, is safe on skin and eyes. Evapo-Rust has no fumes or bad odors, is non-flammable and can be disposed of safely by simply pouring down the drain in most areas.