Face Paint Stencils for Painting Kit (104 Pieces) Thick Tattoo Stencil - Soft,

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"Discover The Secret to Paint 60 Kids Faces in 60 Minutes Or Less... With Little to No 'Face-Paint' Skills!"

If you think you don't have face-paint skills and a party or event is just around the corner... "Create-a-Face" Stencils are exactly what you've been looking for!

They're excellent for face paint experts and beginners.

We promise that even if this is your first time trying to paint a face (or paint anything for that matter), they'll give you the ability to paint beautiful designs in a matter of seconds!

These stencils are great for parties, fairs, events and festivals. Work best if used along our Face Paint Set

You'll be amazed how fast will these stencils move a line of dozens of children waiting (and you know what is like having lots of kids waiting, fighting, and screaming!).

The final result will be happy kids running around with awesome designs, and you'll become the party hero... So, what are you waiting for?

Become a hit in your next face paint party!

There are lots of design ideas for boys and girls for you to choose from.

Get our 104-Piece Stencil Set now and surprise your family, friends, and guests with your new face paint skills!

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PLEASE NOTE: 1) Pictures on the box are just a representation. 2) You need to purchase face paint or crayons separately