Gas Siphon - The Original Safety Siphon - 6' High Grade Hose, .5" Valve

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The Original Safety Siphon is a safe alternative to transferring dangerous fuels or messy liquids by other means. The hose with the patented self priming pump eliminates the risk of drawing hazardous or nasty fluids into your mouth when getting the siphon process started. Great for siphoning fuel into cars, boats, tractors, riding mowers, snow mobiles, snow blowers, ATV's, to name a few. It solves many draining water problems such as clogged sinks or commodes, aquariums, hot tubs, above ground pools, ponds, fountains, etc. Our premium hose is also FDA sanctioned for drinking water or to make home brews.
Like the best tools, The Original Safety Siphon is both SIMPLE, SAFE, and CONVENIENT. SIMPLE - because it relies on gravity for its operation. Simple in its lack of complex, moving or perishable parts. SAFE - because all the dangerous and unpleasant aspects of siphoning are eliminated. A simple vigorous pumping action starts the siphon flow instead of sucking it out with your mouth or hands. It does not need or should never be placed in the mouth. The Original Safety Siphon reduces the risk of spilling or inhaling the fluid. CONVENIENT - because you no longer have to hold and pour heavy fuel cans.

How To Use:
1. Before using, drain all liquid from the hose.
2. The end of tube must be lower than pump before siphoning will start.
3. Submerge pump into liquid that is to be siphoned.
4. Move pump vigorously in an up and down motion. It is important the pump remain in the liquid at all times to start the siphoning. Once the flow starts, stop moving or shaking the pump as gravity will maintain the flow of the liquid. Once siphoning starts, keep the pump submerged in liquid.
5. To stop siphoning, remove the pump from the liquid.
6. Drain all liquid
7. Store in a cool, dry place.