GASPRO 4FT POL High Pressure 0-20PSI Adjustable Propane Regulator Hose with CSA

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Fits for: It can be used with any standard size propane tank as long as the tank has standard POL connection.

How to use it-
The male end connects a standard size propane tanks and the female end attaches to a 3/8inch flare fitting.

Product Specification
- High pressure LPG hose
-Inlet Pressure:25-250PSIG
-Outlet Pressure :0-20PSIG
-Flow Capacity :122000 BTU/Hr
-Certificate: CSA
-Length of hose:4feet/48inch

The red knob can be Adjustable pressure range is 0-20PSI .

Fits most heater, fireplace, fire pit and variety of high pressure applications like torches, cooker ,turkey fryers smoker,camp stove.