Hunter Safety System Youth HSS-8 Safety Harnesses, Realtree, Youth

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The Lil' TreestalkerTM by Hunter Safety System® is peace of mind for you and your fledgling hunting buddy. Lil' TreestalkerTM is built to the rigorous specifications of every system we offer, and comfortable enough to keep your future protégé from the concerns of wearing it all day. A wide range of adjustments assures years of use for children from 50 to 120 pounds and the ability to readjust for bulky winter clothing. Hunter Safety System® is proud to offer Lil' TreestalkerTM as confirmation of their commitment to the next generation of hunters. This TMA® Certified youth model makes it just a little easier for this generation to take the time to ENSURE that we have an ethical, safety conscious generation coming along behind us. Snap your child into a Lil' TreestalkerTM, locate a two man buddy stand and share an afternoon you'll remember for the rest of your life.