Jew's Harp by P.Potkin in a Dark Wooden Case (Mouth Musical Instrument)

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Jew's Harp P.Potkin in dark wooden case (altai komus, jaw harp) - mouth musical instrument excellent quality. The most popular in the world mouth harp Altai wizard. The combination of size, the harmony of sound, reliability, and low cost make it attractive choice in favor of this tool.A full-fledged musical instrument, depth and polyphony which gives the possibility of infinite improvisation.This is not a souvenir (not snoopy harp, not dan moi) this is a real musical instrument, made in Altai. Perfect for beginners. The case designed for gentle handling and storage of harp. Watch the video with sound example: . Features: original quality, clear sound, easy to use tool Intended use: for adults and children Learning game: very easy. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible by airmail after payment is received. Then we will notify you the Tracking number to track your parcel. Delivery Service: Tracking happens before the border and customs zones. Next, go to the website of your national postal service and track a package.