JL Safety EZ Pass-Port - Indestructible Holder fits Mini and OLD size EZ Pass

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The EZ Pass-Port™ transponder holder EZP300 is designed to fit the old and new EZ Pass models, but not the EZPass Flex with the HOV switch. Look for our EZ Pass-Mate™ holder for EZPass Flex with HOV switch. Also fits I Pass, i Zoom, PalPass hard case and FasTrak. It is simply unbreakable, compact and easy to use. Simply clip in your transponder and stick it to windshield. No adhesive strips to use, no glued parts and no plastic to melt, making it the best on the market against extreme hot and cold conditions. It is the only one on the market made from metal that fits the new and old box of EZ Pass (only models shown on main photo) and will not melt or break or discolor in the heat, and designed in a way it will not interfere with the antenna signal reception and emission in any position you mount it. It has an industrial grade suction cup that is patented to diffuse sun light and allows you to easily attach it to windshield, and remove it when needed by pulling on the single suction cup tab that is easily accessible and conveniently located below the toll pass. Easy to attach and remove, yet will never fall under any weather condition. Your toll pass is gently held so it does not rattle or spin or fall. Its compact size allows it to be hidden behind rearview mirror and not unnecessarily block your driving sight. Sale is for 1 holder only. Toll pass is not included, shown in photos for clarification. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA NOTE: It does not fit EZPass Flex or HOV switch models, look for our EZ Pass-Mate™ holders if you have the EZPass Flex model, or the one with HOV switch on the front.