Kamenstein 5136780 Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder with

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The Perfect Tear paper towel holder eliminates waste by allowing exactly the desired number of paper towel sheets to be torn off the roll with just one hand. The secret lies in the secure, horizontally wall-mounted base and the ratchet system inside the towel holder. By allowing the roll to make incremental turns in just one direction, the ratchet holds the roll steady during pulling and tearing, thus preventing unraveling.

Three parts come with this towel holder: a weighted chrome arm that protrudes five inches from the wall (two screw holes are on a two-inch center; two 1-1/8-inch screws and two plastic sleeves are included); an 11-inch metal dowel that screws into the arm and features a bullet-shape tip; and a flexible wire cage through which the central dowel passes that conforms to the inside cardboard tube of a paper towel roll. The dowel and cage attach to the arm without tools, but a Phillips-head screwdriver (and possibly a drill) is needed for the wall-mounting. Both standard and oversized rolls slide onto the holder. --Ann Bieri