Katzco Ultra Sonic Noise Inaudible Save A Deer Whistle For Human

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Save A Deer Whistle For Car- Ultra Sonic Noise Inaudible For Human Only For Deer's- Begins Working At 35 MPH- Powered By Wind Energy, Non-Electric- Value 2-Pack- Avoids Deer Collisions -By Katzco.

Black Deer Warning is an easy to install deer alert accessory

Generates two separate and unique sound waves that warn animals of coming vehicles

The Deer Warning can easily be removed from the base for cleaning and you can remove them from the taped down base to clean out the mud dopers

you can take it of easily before driving through car washes

But you don't have to worry every time to take it off and stick bake on...!

the tape sticks well even thru car washes!

You don't have to be scared anymore of any animals which can run into your car and cost you a total loss

save your money with the deer whistlers, its much cheaper than a accident

you'll be much more safe when you drive

Katzco will make sure you're satisfied ! Look no further

get yours today and get free of all your driving worry's the cheapest way!