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Make your own nutritious and yummy kefir with Cultures For Health kefir powder starter

Why pay to buy kefir on the shelves when you can easily make the cultured milk beverage yourself at home? Buy this Cultures For Health kefir starter culture powder once and you can be making kefir several times using the same batch of kefir. How ingenious and cost effective!

Powdered kefir starter doesn't need daily maintenance

While kefir grains need daily maintenance, this freeze dried powdered kefir starter culture frees you from the hassle of daily upkeep. Simply store the unopened sachets of kefir culture powder in the fridge until you need to use them.

Kefir powder starter that you can use several times

You can keep using the kefir starter culture powder several times to make yummy and healthful kefir without any loss in nutrients. That's why it yields great-tasting kefir with the same level of probiotics (a group of microorganisms that benefits gut, mental, heart health, among others) and nutrients even after several times. When you're making a new batch of kefir, simply use ¼ cups from the previous batch - easy as that.

Gluten free and non-GMO powdered kefir starter

Cultures For Health kefir culture powder is gluten-free and made of non-GMO ingredients, which ensures that you get the highest quality kefir every time.

Versatile kefir powder starter

With this kefir starter culture powder, you're free to choose a dairy (eg. cow or goat milk) or water (eg. coconut water/milk or fruit juice) base - just ensure that you stick to the same base for subsequent batches. Detailed instructions are available at