KOR - MR16 and GU10 Light Bulb Changer - Strong Grip Rubber Air Suction Cup -

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No more broken nails and cut skin trying to remove or install these little LED or Halogen MR16 (2 Pin) and GU10 (Twist and Lock) bulbs out of their socket! When there is no room between the reflector and the bulb to fit in your finger to get a grip on the little bulb to get it out or to get the new replacement bulb in. This light bulb changing tool will help you. The suction cup relamping tool / bulb changer easily inserts and removes MR16 and GU10 bulbs out of their track light heads, recessed light fixture housing or range hood. While the suction cup seems quite small when you get it, once you use it, you'll see it's perfect for MR16 and GU10 halogen / LED bulbs!