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Using a Chamois to Dry Your Vehicle A leather chamois remains the most cost effective, safe and efficient product available for drying a car today. A genuine chamois cloth is extremely soft, has lots of nap, hydrophilic or absorbent and very durable. And since they first came into use in the early 1700's, have remained the standard by which all other drying towels have been measured by. A Chamois Saves Time and Effort Using a genuine leather chamois to dry a vehicle can dramatically reduce the time it takes and help eliminate scratching and marring of the paint during the process. They are extremely absorbent eliminating the need for multiple passes across the surface which naturally reduces drying time. Natural chamois cloths are extremely soft, and protect the finish of the vehicle with lots of nap and an open fiber structure that pulls in and traps dirt and grit away from the surface. For Best Results It should be noted, however, that, regardless of the type of drying towel used, a vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned during the wash to eliminate as much of the dirt or grit as possible, as it is this that produces swirl marks. The swirl marks that are often attributed to the towel used in the drying process are more often the result dirt and grit left behind by a poor washing process. A natural leather chamois can last for years if properly maintained