LilyGlory Original Youngtown 12888 Pendulum type Movement Step Clock Accessory

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Easy and simple design.
Suitable for repairing, replacing or making a clock.
Material: plastic and aluminum.
Accuracy Within ±30seconds deviation each month (in normal temperature).
Second hand motion: Step.
Battery: one 1.5V Carbon-zinc batteries only,not included.
Please DO NOT USE Alkaline battery,Rechargeable batteries,they will damage the movement.

Max Pendulum Swing: 26°
Max Pendulum Weight: 40g
Max Pendulum Length: 35cm


Case size: approx. 56 x 110 x 18 mm (2.2 x 3.3 x 0.7inches)
Total hour hand length: approx. 89 mm (3.5 inches)
Total minute hand length: approx. 124 mm (4.8 inches)
Total second hand length: approx. 165 mm (6.5 inches)

Package included:

1 x Quartz clock movement
1 x Second hand
1 x Minute hand
1 x Hour hand
1 X Plastic washer
1 X Brass washer
1 X Brass nut