Match 'N Patch Realistic Brown Leather Repair Tape

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Match 'N Patch tapes are designed for quick patches and cover ups of scratches and gouges. This realistic repair tape has a leather-like finish. It is a quick and easy way to repair, conceal, and transform furniture, bags, boxes and more. Each print is seamless and lines up for easy covering of larger surfaces. Follow the instructions on the label to assure good adhesion. Match 'N Patch tape is best used to repair areas that are not major interaction points. The photo example of the tall chair is a perfect use of the tape, but if the repair were for a through-and-through tear in the middle of a sofa cushion or the hand area of an armchair we recommend reupholstery. This color is the Brown tape. Red Brown, Tan, Black, Whiskey, White and Dark Brown Leathers are available separately.