Men's Slim Leather Wallet Small Billfold Front Pocket Wallet with RFID Blocking

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Product Dimensions 4*3.1*0.4 inches

Hate having a giant bulging wallet?
Simplify your life Start with our wallet. Minimalist designed, slim and small, Bulk Storage, durable genuine leather, looks beautiful, feels great.
With RFID blocking layer, Keep your personal information safe; protect your credit/bank/ID card information from being remotely read by RFID scanners. Do not be the victim of a silent crime of electronic pickpocketing.

What is RFID?
- RFID: Radio-frequency identification, uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Our Credit/Bank/ID card, passport have encoded chips tags, and stored our personal/private information. So, we should protect them from information hacker and data thieves.
- Data thieves can read your private data of cards at a distance of 10ft(3m), using a RFID scanner. Now, this RFID signal blocking wallet can protect your personal/private information safety.
- This item has built-in RFID signal blocking material layers, which can block signal from 10MHz to 30GHz. Credit/Debit/ID card, driver license, passport use the frequency of 13.56MHz. It won't block signal from ID badge, some old hotel room cards or building access cards, which use a frequency of 125 kHz.