Miseyo DIY Self Inking Stamp Up to 3 Lines, Customized Text Clothing Label,

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Key Features:

1. 100% Secured Product for Mamas

Miseyo cares the safety of each product. Ink is imported from German and complies with RoHS regulations and EN71-3.

2. Time Saving and Cost Effective

Miseyo Stamp is ideal for rapid and repetitive stamping thanks for the automatic re-ink feature. Compared to traditional labeling, self-inking stamp is much faster. Its removable character makes it perfect for many kids, but we suggest you to have one specialized stamp for each kid!

Miseyo is durable for many times of washing, the color of the ink does not fade easily. So with Miseyo Stamp you do not need to buy labels no more, saving your money and trouble! Why not try out this cost effective stamp?

3. Cute Appearance

Cute design especially for children and people love children stuff. Apart from letters, there are also cute symbols for your selection.

How to Use:

1. Ink Pad is ideal for up to 3 lines, you can create your customized content with the tweezers. Pick up the characters and arrange them into the ink pad from right to left, top to bottom. For example, if you want to put NAME you need to put as EMAN.

2. Insert the ink pad in the stamp and lock the stamp.

3. If you want to change the text, just remove the text plate and re-edit it.

4. If it's used on fabrics, please leave it to dry for 24 hours before first washing.

Stamp Kit Includes:

1. Text Plate

2. Tweezers

3. Stamp

4. Ink Pad