Miseyo Wide Roller Stamp Identity Theft Stamp 1.5 Inch Perfect for Privacy

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Are you in trouble with those junk mails? Do you want to recycle magazines and envelopes but have to put them in shredder machine? Now say good bye to shredder machine and use Miseyo Stamp for recollection of paper.

Miseyo Wide Roller Stamp is ideal for private and personal information protection. Just one single swipe with Miseyo 1.5*2.7 inches Wide Stamp you can easily blot out your private information in a neat way, specially good for large and long text on package boxes/shipments. Now put junk mail in the trash or recycle but feel good knowing your name and address is not showing.

Miseyo stamp comes with ink already and ink adheres better to glossy paper and smooth surfaces. If the text that you want to cover is to close to each other, we suggest you to roll cover at least twice. It can be used for long time, but when ink runs out you can fill ink from the hole on one end of the stamp.

Roller size: 2.5x1.3 x2.4 inches

Stamping surface: 1.5 x 2.7 inches

Length of stamp impression: approximately 100m