Moon 517-151 Polycarbonate Fire Hose Spray Nozzle, 75 gpm, 1-1/2" NPSH

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This Moon 517-151 fog nozzle turns a stream of water into tiny droplets, creating a larger surface area for smothering a fire. It has a 1-1/2" National Pipe Straight Hose (NPSH) threaded inlet on one end for attaching to a fire hose and a rubber bumper on the other end for protection against impact. It is made of polycarbonate for resistance to high temperatures and impact. The stem adjusts the flow from a straight stream to fog for multipurpose use. The nozzle has a maximum pressure rating of 100 pounds per square inch (psi), a maximum flow rate of 75 gallons per minute (gpm), and is Underwriters Laboratory of Canada (CUL) listed. This fog nozzle is suitable for use in small-scale fire fighting, as well as garden or green house applications, dust suppression, and evaporate cooling.

Moon American manufactures and distributes industrial, municipal, and interior fire control products and accessories. The company, founded in 1955, is headquartered in Worcester, MA.