Morvat Heavy Duty Long Handled Stainless Steel Shoe Horn 7.5” (Set of 2)

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Masterful Design

It’s the little design touches that separates a good shoe horn from a great one. The angle. The material. The dimensions. The subtle curves. And we’ve zeroed in on every one of these, creating the last shoe horn you’ll ever need. It’s perfectly angled to completely take the stress out of wearing your shoes, ergonomically shaped for supreme comfort, and has the right thickness to make it possible to slip into your snuggest of shoes. The days of frustratingly undoing laces and frantically wiggling your feet are now over!

Emphasis on Quality

No more fearing about bending. No more fretting about breaking. This is one of the most heavy duty shoehorn sets, made using solid stainless steel. The all-metal design not only ensures remarkable durability, but is also highly polished for a premium sheen and luxurious feel. At 7.5” long, you can easily pack the metal shoe horn in your luggage and enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free slip while on your travels

Here’s why you’ll love Morvat’s shoehorn set:

- Double-sided design makes it suitable for both adults and kids.

- All-metal stainless steel construction ensures maximum durability.

- Smoothed out edges reduce the risk of snagging or damaging footwear.

- Rounded edges and ergonomic shape make for comfortable handling.

- Perfectly-sized at 7.5” for convenient and space-friendly portability.

Whether you’re dealing with dress shoes, heels, or trainers, count on Morvat’s heavy duty metal shoe horn set to slip into them without any stress