PGXT 5Pack Waterproof SpotLit Dog/Cat Collar Light,Safety LED Lights for Dogs

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1.Material: PU.
2.Weight: about 0.6 oz
3.Battery Mode: CR2032(Included).
4.Size (Longest*D*T): Approx.5.5*3.5*2.5cm.
5.Colour: Blue,Orange,Purple,Red,Multicolor.
Instructions for use:
press for the first time for the duration of the light source, press two times for the flashing light.Light emitting mode:long bright,flashing (the colorful is flash).
Three modes:
Hold the light mode: 100 hours
low flash mode:100 hours
Fast flash mode: 100 hours
Solid light or flashing signal.
Safety light with secure stainless steel small key ring clips to zipper pulls, dog collars and more.
Keeps you and your dog safe at night by letting others see you.
Simply press button and long lasting LED light up so brightly.
Lightweight, durable, weather resistant construction LED Key Ring.
Package Included:
5 x LED Night Light Pet Dog LED Circular Pendan
5 x Batteries