Plastic Power Bomber Shot Cups or Jager Blaster Bomb Glasses (Package of 120,

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Add these plastic bomb shot cups to the entertainment at your bar or party, and let the fun begin! Their unique 2-chamber design saves you time and is made specifically for drop-in mixed drinks like Jager Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Melon Bombs, Tick Tacks and others. The cups separate the two liquids with a 1 oz. inner "shot" to hold the alcohol, and a 3.25 oz. outer chamber to hold the chaser or other liquid. As the bomb shot is tipped while drinking, the two chambers mix in a burst of flavor! Or up to a 4 oz outer chamber if filled to the top beyond the inner chamber level. The bomb shot cups' have pre-measured chambers to reduce the risk of over-pouring, which keeps the taste of your drinks consistent and saves you money on alcohol. They are available in clear or mixed neon colors and in a soft disposable for easy cleanup! Or the more durable hard plastic!