Play Circle by Battat – Sweet Treats Ice Cream Parlour – 21-piece Pretend

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The play circle sweet treats ice cream parlor is a one-piece set of pretend ice cream for kids that scoops and stacks in endless combinations! Extra sprinkles and a cherry on top, Please! Choose a flavor, scoop it up with the Ice cream scoop, and use it to fill a cone or a bowl. Make a banana split or a tower of treats – how high can you scoop and stack ‘em? Dish out some soft-serve in your favorite flavor or make a banana split – the peg-and-hole system lets your ingredients snap together, and fun toppings like syrups and sprinkles let you create the perfect dessert every time! With the endless combinations in this toy ice cream set, the most popular ingredient is imagination! Mix and match with play circle dishware in similar styles and colors and you'll have enough dishes to open your very own pretend ice cream shop. Realistic details like the working button on the scoop That pops out the ice cream, and the drips of ice cream on the spoons are the perfect recipe for hours of imagination and make-believe fun. The sturdy plastic pieces can be used over and over, so theres no limit to how many times you can scoop up a delicious treat. A fantastic gift that provides different role-play and learning opportunities at a variety of ages and developmental stages, This play set is great combined with other imaginary-play items like the la-dida musical tea party, The princess birthday party set, and the dishes wishes dish and utensil set. Help your child build memories and creativity and make any day a celebration! With the variety of sprinkles, toppings, banana splits and cones, all your teddy bears will give you “two paws up!”