Prestone 32 Ounce AS401 DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid-32 oz

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Prestone Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid is designed to provide an extra margin of boiling point protection. The mix of polyglycol ethers ensures hot brake-system operation will not create dangerous vapor. This delivers braking power when needed by avoiding a spongy pedal. Both wet and dry boiling points exceed the minimum government standards. A comprehensive inhibitor package protects vital brake system metals. Prestone brand Synthetic Brake Fluid is designed for safe operation of today’s modern brake systems. Excellent for ABS, disc and drum brake systems. Minimum dry boiling point: 460 degrees Fahrenheit (238 degrees Celsius). Minimum wet boiling point: 284 degrees Fahrenheit (140 degrees Celsius). Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116. Meets SAE J1703.