Pro-LifT Foot Air Pump Portable Tire Inflator Compact Air Pressure Gauge Pedal

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Compact, Convenient for all Inflatable Needs

Pro Lift W-2037 is a compact, portable foot pump. It is a great convenient pump for all inflatable needs.

The compact size makes it simple to store and its easy foot pump design makes it quick and effortless to inflate tires, and your sports equipment.

Pro Lift W-2037 with the built-in air pressure gauge delivers the air pressure up to 65 psi. The body is built with the heavy gauge steel construction. At the same time, there is a durable 3 feet air hose.

With the quick connect thumb latch featured, plus the foot pedal, it makes it effortless to inflate tires and your sports equipments.

- Compact Foot Pump
- Up to 65 PSI
- Quick Connect Thumb Latch and Foot Pedal Latch
- Built in Air Pressure Gauge


- Type: Foot Pump
- Pressure: 65 PSI
- Air Hose: 3 Feet
- Item Weight: 2 Lbs

Pro Lift W-2037 Foot Pump is backed by the 90-days warranty from the date of the purchase.