Ravel PR19CGN Transparent Recorder with Cleaning Rod and Bag, Green

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Ravel Recorders produce the mellow tones representing modern and Renaissance styles, ideal for solo or ensemble playing. Available in a stylish, solid ivory finish as well as in six translucent colors, these models make playing fun for the beginner, or for anyone interested in a quality instrument at a sound value. First quality, ABS resin plastic construction with a refined finish and enduring body ensure years of reliable use. Three piece construction allows for easy cleaning, and the German style fingering system allows easier finger placement for beginners. Available in your choice of six translucent colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple or Red; or solid Ivory. Ravel Musical Instruments' company name pays homage to renowned French Impressionist composer, Maurice Ravel. Just as Ravel sought tonal color and variety of sound and instrumentation in his music, the Ravel brands group seeks tonal color and variety in its musical instrument offerings. All Ravel Musical Instruments are hand crafted and undergo rigorous design and testing. Instruments are tested and re tested both overseas and at Ravel's U.S. facility. Ravel believes strongly that pre production design work and testing, in advance of actual production, helps assure and guarantee the quality and consistency demanded. Quality and Sound Value ... Ravel. Features: Key of C German style Fingering Includes Clear Plastic Carrying Bag, Cleaning Rod, and Fingering Chart