Relefree Waist Trimmer Belt, Adjustable Length Ab Belt, Slimming Burning Fat to

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★Background introduction:

Everybody dreams to have a much thin tummy but the mid section flab has always been the hardest to go.
Losing weight and a few inches in the waist is a struggle for both men and women. Waist trimmer belts are not just new concepts of fashion.
With Relefree belt, exercise and proper diet, you can start to get rid of the stubborn belly fat and get so much more out of life.

★Product Description:

Relefree Waist Trimmer Belt is designed to to be worn during exercise, help you shed excess water and burn stubborn fat.
It is made of the highest grade? stretchy Neoprene for Superior heat insulation and lasting wear. It measures a full 48" long and 9" wide,
making it one of the LONGEST and WIDEST ab belts on the market, offering strong abdominal and lumbar support, and can fit on waists up to 50

★Unique Key Features:

- Helps Take Away Excess Water and Toxins
- Removes Pressure from your Back Muscles
- Therapeutic Fat Burning Heat
- Protects and Prevents Injury
- Supports Lower back
- Improves Posture
- Keeps Muscular Warmth
- Anti-Slip Technology
- Fully Adjustable Magic Tape

★Important Note:

Relefree Waist Trimmer does provide back support but is not intended for this use. The Relefree Waist Trimmer is not a corset nor does it function like a corset.
Please do not wear over any open wounds, or if you're susceptible to dermatitis or allergic to Neoprene. Do not wear for more than 2 hours as Neoprene is designed to be worn for only short periods of time.
Do not wear while sleeping. If you develop a rash discontinue use immediately.

★Package Includes:

1pcs of Relefree Waist Trimmer