Royal Sovereign 4 Row Electric Coin Counter With Patented Anti-Jam Technology &

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The Royal Sovereign FS-44P 4 Row Electric Coin Counter is the perfect solution for fast, convenient, and simple automatic coin sorting. This coin counter sorts at a high speed of up to 312 coins per minute. Count more coins at once with Royal Sovereign’s largest coin hopper capacity of up to 800 coins. Automatic Row Advancement allows for hands-free operation for the consumer. When coin tubes are full, the tubes will automatically advance and the coin counter will continue to count and sort the remaining coins. The coins can easily sort into preformed coin wrappers for easy transition to coin wrapping and rolling. The FS-44P comes with Patented anti-jam technology that ensures precise internal sorting when counting coins and hassle-free operation. This coin counter contains 4 rows of coin tubes for each denomination which allows the consumer to count more coins at once without interruption! Value Counting is a convenient feature that comes equipped with this coin counter. An easy-to use front panel display shows the total amount of coins counted as well as total count by denomination. The additional printer option provides the user with the option to print a receipt of the coins counted for a record document (printer sold separately).