School Zone - Division 0-12 Flash Cards - Ages 9 and Up, Fourth Grade and Up,

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AMAZING - Practice division quickly and easily with this cool flashcard learning tool! Not only are these flashcards convenient, they're fun too! Division 0-12 Flash Cards contain 104 problems ranging from 4/2 to 144/12. This set is intended for children ages 9 and up. At the top of each card on the reverse side is a small-print answer to the problem. The Parent Card includes additional activities and games.

FLASHCARDS - Do speed drills, play games, change it up! Kids and parents who use our flashcards for practice testing are using one of the most effective learning techniques available. A hundred years of research shows practice testing is highly likely to boost retention. Learning skills through gameplay is an excellent strategy for many reasons. They are fun and motivating, and games also tend to help students deepen their understanding and reasoning. Because games feel more like play than work, they can encourage kids to explore and experiment with concepts more freely and can reduce the stress of viewing schoolwork as nothing more than problems.

RESULTS - Our learning materials have helped educate three generations of kids, creating lifelong learners, and the legacy continues. Digital content, flash cards, workbooks, readers, toys, and games—all are crafted through a child's eyes while integrating parent and teacher standards.

PREPARATION - Let us help you prepare your young child for the next grade level with our workbooks, flashcards, books and a Little Scholar Tablet. Keep kids "classroom ready with these great supplemental learning tools and more!

AWARD WINNING - School Zone content has won The Parents' Choice Foundation Award, Tillywig Toy Awards, Brainchild Award, Family Choice Award, Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence, Gold Star Toy Scholastic Parent and Child Award and many more.

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