Singer Serger Machine Upper & Lower Knives #412585 & 412749 Fits Pro4D most 14u

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A Brand New SET of Upper and Lower Knives / Blades Fits
BABYLOCK SERGER - BL202, BL302, BL400, BL430, BL432, BL450A, BL4350D, BL5030, BL5040, BL5040L
Elna Serger T-3 ,T-33 ,T-34 ,T-34D.
HAPPYLOCK SERGER - 1867 OMEGA SERGER - 303SI, 334D, 15J103, 15J134
PFAFF SERGER - 756 RICCAR SERGER - RL564DE, RL613, RL613E, RL624, RL624E, RL634DE, RL634E, RL724E
SERGE-MATE SERGER MODELS - 300, 430, SW432, 4350D, 5030
Singer Serger 14U style:, 14u12a, 14u13, 14u32 ,14u34a, 14u34b, 14u44 ,14u46 ,14u52a, 14u53 ,14u64a, 14u65, 14u85 ,14u234 ,14u244 14u285 ,14u28 ,14u344, 14u354, 14u444 ,14u454, 14u544 ,14u554, 14u555, 14u557, PRO4D, Singer Merritt and many others.
Simplicity Serger - SL200, SL350 ,SL370 ,SL390 ,SL803, SL804, SL804D ,SL843 ,SL4300, SL4300ED ,SL4360ED, Part # 412585,412749