Smooth Cast 65D Liquid Plastic Casting Resin - Trial Unit

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Smooth-Cast 65D (Formerly Smooth-Cast ROTO) has a unique gradual cure profile that makes it ideal for rotational casting applications.Castings will be hollow and lightweight but have the appearance of being solid, allowing you to use less material to attain the same finished look (substantially lowering your material costs). Fully cured castings are semi-rigid and exhibit good impact resistance. Castings resist moisture and mild solvents and can be machined, sanded and painted. 65D can also be cast solid for a variety of industrial and art-related applications. MIX RATIO:1:1 by volume: POT LIFE: 2.5 minute; DEMOLD TIME:10-15 minutes; Mixed viscocity 2400 cps: SHORE HARDNESS" 65D COLOR: WHITE Read MSDS before use - for more information visit